Our Goal

To elevate LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) into a more useful and attractive place in the lighting industry.


Thanks to our diverse retail partners, our products are easily found and are available in all regions of North America. 

Your best source

Success is in the details. We make sure that all company departments come together and provide optimal end results. Every team member contributes to our success by using their knowledge, skill, and experience in making the high-class products our discerning client base requires.

  • Proprietary Research & Development.
  • Multinational Coordination.
  • International and Domestic order options.

Unforgettable experience

We ensure quality construction is the focus in all our product development. LED lighting is our specialty in all our lighting categories.

LED Christmas

We advise and in practice help in solving problems in two key business blocks: operational and financial management.

LED Halloween

We provide various services: from one-time consultations to business management.

  • String light
  • Outdoor decor
  • Illuminated motif
Outdoor products

LED Outdoor