About LEDup Manufacturing Group

In 2003 LEDUP began with a simple, yet ambitious goal. To elevate LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) into a more useful and attractive application in the world of lighting. The vision was to utilize the advantages that LEDs offered over and above other forms of illumination, while at the same time, overcoming their inherent limitations.

Seeing an opportunity, LEDUP engineers started experimenting with new circuit designs and new bulb configurations and began LEDUP’s R&D development that now proudly lists over 25 exclusive patents. With hundreds of products available, LEDUP is a major contributor to today’s LED Christmas Light industry.

LEDUP has also expanded into other product lines. LED retrofit bulbs, pre-lit Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths and illuminated motifs. Our very latest development is the addition of remote controllable lighting products. Many of the pre-lit trees and string lights now come with a remote control, as well as the ability to connect with a smart phone using a downloadable app. This allows customers the ability to further customize their favorite lighting styles.

New products are being explored all the time to ensure our retail partners have the very latest product designs to offer their customers.

Growth and Partnership:

Over the years, LEDUP has been a proud partner of many organizations and retailers. By working closely with Energy Star, UL and CSA, LEDUP was able to actively contribute to the safety and durability standards the LED lighting category enjoys today.

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By working towards new innovations in LED technology and by creating various partnerships, LEDup has gained momentum with multiple stages of expansion and growth.

We enjoy what we do. Let us LEDup your life!

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World class products backed by excellent service drives our operational plans.

  • Leading Experts

Our specialists have many years of experience in all areas of lighting technology.